Bridal Shower Purse Game Printable

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Bridal showers are known for their games, yet some stand out more than others. The purse party game is memorable and easy to play. All you'll need are copies of the game's printable handout and some pencils or pens, and you're ready to create a fun experience for your guests.

Purse Game Printable

Purse game printable

This purse game printable requires Adobe to download and print. To get started, click on the thumbnail image below to bring up the pdf. You may then print the game right away or download the pdf and print it later. For tips on downloading and printing from Adobe, check out this helpful article.

How to Play

The purse game requires every guest to rummage through their purse, backpack, or bag to search for the items on the printed list. Every item has a point value. Obvious items such as a lipstick, hairbrush, or cellphone have lower point values. Less common items like crayons, a $100 bill, and a movie ticket stub get the most points. As guests find items, they'll check them off on the list and add up their total points. The guest with the most points wins a prize.

Have a couple of prizes on hand in case of a tie. If you don't want to offer multiple prizes for one game, you may break the tie by giving the prize to the person with the heaviest purse or with the most outrageous item their purse.

Some prize ideas are:

  • Movie tickets
  • Restaurant or coffee gift cards
  • Scented candle
  • Picture frame

Other options for playing the purse game are:

  • Divide the guests into teams; the team with the most points overall wins (in this case, you'll need multiple prizes since each team member will get a prize).
  • Don't hand out the printable but call out each item individually; only allow points for the first person to find an item on the list.

Adds Whimsy to A Special Day

Most bridal showers include multiple games. The purse game is great to start with to break the ice and help everyone feel comfortable and relaxed. Plus, the more comfortable guests are, the more meaningful the day will be for the bride-to-be.

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Bridal Shower Purse Game Printable