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When you need to create a document or form, it's much easier to use a template as a starting point rather than beginning with a blank piece of paper or computer screen. No matter what kind of paperwork you need to create, chances are that you'll find a version very close to what you need when you visit the Documents & Forms category on LoveToKnow's Printables & Templates channel.

Free Templates You Can Customize

The free sample documents and forms you'll find here are fully customizable. Each one can be saved, edited and printed at no cost. Find the template that best meet your needs, and you'll have a good format example and suggested outline to follow as you start working. Options are available for all kinds of occasions, both personal and business.

Personal Templates

Examples of available personal documents include:

  • Wedding programs: If you're getting married or helping plan a wedding, you'll be thrilled to discover the wedding program templates available here. A variety of options are available, including fan-shaped programs, location-specific programs, such as those for beach weddings, and season-specific selections, such as for fall weddings.
  • Funeral programs: When a loved one passes away, it's not unusual to create a funeral program to provide to those who pay their respects. This very emotional task can be made a bit less stressful if you utilize one of the free funeral program templates provided as a guide for getting started.

Sample Business and Professional Forms

Examples of sample business and professional forms include:

  • Resumes: When you're looking for a new job, having a high-quality resume is an important key to success. It can be very helpful to start with a blank resume form or a sample resume specific to your industry. This is a great way to get an idea of what kind of information to include and how to present it in a way that's appealing to prospective employers.
  • Performance reviews: If you're a manager who needs to provide employees with performance feedback, you'll find the task much easier if you begin with a sample form. Here, you'll find free examples of employee evaluations that you can utilize as tools to review your team members as well as sample completed employee evaluations that can help you understand appropriate ways to provide performance feedback.

Trusted Resource for Documents and Forms

When you're looking for a sample document or form, stop here first. You'll find options that, with just a bit of customization, will work perfectly for you. The templates you'll find here have been created by our team of expert writers, editors, and image specialists, so you can be sure that they're high-quality examples appropriate for use in the real world. New selections are added all the time. Of course, keep in mind that any documentation with legal or compliance obligations should be reviewed by a qualified, licensed attorney before use.

Documents & Forms