Accident Report Form Template

accidernt report form

It is critical for businesses to properly and immediately document accidents and injuries that occur. This is true whether employees, customers, vendors or other visitors are involved. Use this printable template if you need an accident report template to use. Save it to your computer, so it will be easy accessible anytime something occurs that you need to record.

Free Accident Report Form

The accident report template provided here is free for you to download and use. Click the image below to open the file, which will launch as a PDF document that you can download, save, fill in and print.

Accident report form
Accident report form

If you have any issues working with the file, review the tips in this guide to printables for assistance.

Filling Out the Form

The highlighted parts of the form are editable, so details of an accident can be filled in by computer. The completed form can then be saved, so you will have an electronic record. Alternately, you can print and copy blank forms that can be completed by hand. Either option is acceptable. You may want to allow both options. For example:

  • You could save a blank accident report form to the company intranet where it can be accessed by all employees as needed, or provide managers with electronic files to keep on their computers, so they have access to the file when needed.
  • You could also make available blank copies of the form for people who would rather not use a computer or to be used in situations where using a computer is not practical. Blank copies could be available in the human resources department and/or from supervisors.

Key Information to Include

The purpose of this type of form is to properly document accidents that occur in the workplace or other locations where business operations are performed. All key information should be captured, including things like:

  • Who was involved
  • Who was there when the accident took place (witnesses)
  • Description of the accident, including what took place and any known injuries
  • Follow-up actions taken (such as drug testing, medical treatment, etc.)

It is important for accident reports to be signed and dated by the individuals who prepare and submit the form. Completed reports should be processed in a manner consistent with the company's safety policy. Some may require further investigation or follow-up, while others may become part of a workers' compensation file or stored with other safety-related records.

Accident Reporting Procedures

Every company should have a policy that specifies key safety rules, including how accidents should be reported and to whom. The policy should convey who team members need to notify that an accident has occurred and how to let that person (or people) know what has taken plans. It should also include details on what to do in an emergency situation and how to move forward if the designated contacts aren't immediately available. Whatever your policy is, it should also address expectations for filling out accident report forms, including who is responsible, what time frame they need to be completed within and how to submit completed forms.

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Accident Report Form Template