Customizable and Printable Bid Proposal Form With Instructions

Bid Proposal Form

While some entities require the use of bid proposal forms of their own design, many require the bidding parties to create and submit a proposal. Use this editable, printable form to submit your services for consideration to win a job or project.

Printable Form for a Bid Proposal

The following form is editable and printable; technical help with filling out and printing these types of forms appears in the Guide to Adobe Printables.

Bid proposal form
Fill out and print this Bid Proposal Form

Customizing the Form

Include as much information as possible on the form to ensure it's clear as to what you are prepared to complete.

  • Know the requirements prior to submission as even suitable bids can get rejected if the information presented is incomplete or doesn't match the standards required.
  • In particular, pay attention to the date/time submission requirements, as most organizations - especially government organizations - cannot and will not accept a bid outside of the time permitted.

Personal/Business Information

At the bottom of the page is a spot for your contact information; fill this in so the receiving party knows from whom the bid came.


The top of the form requires information about the entity to which the bid is submitted and specifics of the job including a name and the location for the job. Below, write a description detailing what it is you're proposing. Specifically, what products or services does your proposal include? This should be a highly detailed description that only promises what you can actually deliver within the specified timeframe for the amount of money requested. The original Request for Proposals released by the entity may specify what needs to be included here, so refer to that when composing this section.


If your proposal allows for a payment schedule, detail this directly underneath the amount of money you require for completion. This is an important section as mistakes here can affect payments received.

Make It Official

Sign and date the bid proposal, additionally specifying if there is a particular number of days in which your bid will expire. If your bid is accepted, both you and the entity representative will sign this proposal as well. This form may be referred to throughout the duration of the job, so it is important to ensure it is complete and accurate before submitting and before final acceptance.

Broad Use

This bid proposal form is appropriate for bidding on projects involving both products and services. As long as the full details of the job and payment schedule can be included within the form - and the form adheres to the standards set forth by the requesting entity - this form will work for most bid proposals. Refer to the original Request for Proposals to ensure the form is sufficient prior to submitting.

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Customizable and Printable Bid Proposal Form With Instructions