Free Simple Timeline Template

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A timeline is a great way to create a visual representation of the history of an organization or movement, country or event. You can use this template for school projects, a project on your family history or to show the historical roots of an organization.

Free Printable Template for a Simple Timeline

The following simple timeline template allows you to write in the date of major events. To print the timeline, click on the image and then click on either the download or print icon. If you have any issues, this helpful guide will help you troubleshoot.

Blank timeline template
Click to download the blank timeline template

Using a Timeline Template

Use a timeline anytime you want to show an order of events. Timelines are useful for showing what has happened, but you can even use them to communicate things that are going to happen.

  • Visual historical timeline: Start by adding dates and a brief description of the event. Underneath each arrow, create a small thumbnail sketch of something that represents each event. For example, if you were studying Ancient Greece, you might note the Trojan war, and draw a quick thumbnail of a Trojan horse.
  • Important people timeline: Add the name of each person, one major accomplishment, and underneath each arrow find a thumbnail sketch of the person. This is a great idea for tracing important people throughout history.
  • Event planning timeline: You don't have to stick to just history to use your timeline. You can also use this to break down bigger projects into smaller events or tasks. Start by writing each smaller event (leading up to a big one) in the 'event' category. For example, if you're planning a wedding, one 'event' might be finding a venue. Underneath each arrow, you can write, bullet journal style, each task needed to complete the larger 'event.'
  • Moving countdown timeline: Planning a big move? Use this to keep track of and communicate what's happening, when. Write the event and date on top, for example, to note someone is coming to pack up the china. Then put a person in charge and write their name underneath the arrow.
  • Timeline whiteboard: If you find yourself planning a lot of projects that need to be broken down, laminate this timeline, and make it reusable.
  • Motivation chart: Use the timeline to countdown to a bigger reward or treat. For example, if you want all the kids to clean the house, you can write the events that need to happen as 'events' and assign a child to each 'event.'

Timelines Make Visualizing Easier

If you need to see a linear progression, timelines make things much easier. Whether it's history, a major event to plan, or a big project with smaller tasks - this timeline is sure to be a must-have in your arsenal.

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Free Simple Timeline Template