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Hiring Proposal Template

woman with hiring sign

If you are seeking approval to hire a new employee to your department, you may need to submit a formal proposal to your boss or your company's human resource management department. If your organization doesn't already have a standard template for this kind of request, consider using this hiring proposal template.

Free Template for a Hiring Proposal

To access the template, click the image below. This printable fill-in form will open in a separate window or tab (varying based on your browser and settings). If you need assistance with the document, see this guide to printables.

Once the form is open, save it to your computer or intranet using the 'Save As' command from the 'File' menu or by clicking the diskette icon on the toolbar. You can use it as a fill-in electronic form, or you can print it to fill out by hand.

  • The highlighted fields are editable, so if you plan to fill it out via the computer, click in the field you want to edit and enter the information, continuing until you have provided all necessary information.
  • When you have finished providing all relevant information, save your work via the 'Save' command in the 'File' menu or using the diskette icon.

To print, go to the 'File' menu and select 'Print' or click the printer icon on the toolbar. Proofread what you have written carefully, being sure it is well-written and error free. Once you are happy with the document, submit the final version per your company's policies and procedures, being sure to keep a copy (electronic or printed) for your records.

Make a Compelling Argument

The information you provide on this form will impact how likely your proposal is to be approved, so be sure to make a compelling argument why your request to hire a new employee is an important one. This is true for proposals to replace employees who have left or are leaving as it is when you are proposing adding additional team members to your department.

Hiring Proposal Template