Printable Cash Receipt Template

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Are you running a small business at a booth or fair and need a way to give receipts? These printable cash receipt templates let you give customers something tangible as they purchase goods from you.

Printable Template for Cash Receipts

Receipts are a necessity for any business. If you're a small upstart and don't have receipts yet, you can print these out to give to those who purchase from you. To print the receipts, click on the image and click the download or print icon. You can If you need help, see the online guide for working with printables.

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Download the Cash Receipt Template

Using the Cash Receipt Printable Template

In addition to the typical spaces of amount, date and item that are included in all receipts, these receipts have a few additional lines that will help make them even more versatile.

Keep Track of Balances

If you have repeat customers, these receipts are ideal for keeping track of balances. They include spaces that allow you to write the customer's balance, how much they paid and then a new balance. You'll also need to write the balances down in a ledger, but this way they will have the same record you do, which can minimize communication issues with loyal customers.

Keep Track of How Much You've Sold

If you're interested in keeping track of how much you've sold, there is a spot in the top right corner that will allow you to write the receipt number. You can start the first receipt out as 1001 and keep count in this manner. This is a great way for budding young business entrepreneurs to keep track of simple inventory.

Methods Used to Pay

The receipt has checkboxes for writing in how the person paid - by check, cash, or money order. This may be helpful to your customers if they need to figure this information out later and forgot how they paid for the item in question.

Add Carbon Paper

If you need to create instant duplicates of the receipts, you can add carbon paper in between your receipt and a blank piece of paper. This is a simple and easy way to keep track of your bookkeeping without having to write everything in duplicate!

It's Simply Good Business

Have a record of things purchased is simply a good business practice. Whether you're at a booth at a fair, running a small store, or otherwise need a paper receipt to give to customers, these will keep you in the black and let you keep good records for a profitable business. It's as essential as keeping business cards.

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Printable Cash Receipt Template