Printable Dinner Menu Templates

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Whether you're opening a new restaurant, starting a catering service, or hosting an upscale dinner party, printed dinner menus can help set the tone and showcase your attention to detail. Click on the template you like best to customize, download, and print. Refer to the Adobe guide for troubleshooting tips.

Minimalist Menu

If clean and simple is what you're after, this is the menu for you. Featuring slim black and gold line borders, the menu template highlights the categories of appetizers, main courses, and desserts. Fill in your company or event name, dish options for each category, and additional information like your address to personalize this elegant, minimalist food list.

Minimalist Menu Template
Minimalist Menu Template

Graphic Menu

Those with an eye for modern graphic images will love this graphic menu option. The subtle gray and black color scheme features triangle and diamond shaped border images for an understated, trendy look. With spaces for starters, main dishes, and desserts, the template makes it easy for you to add in your meal offerings along with a personalized line of text near the top to highlight your company name or other message.

Graphic Menu Template
Graphic Menu Template

Floral Menu

Elegant affairs and natural menus get a bright start with this floral menu template. Subtle green leaves and pale pink flowers decorate the page as you list off appetizers, main courses, and desserts. Add in custom dish options and detailed information about your event or location at the bottom.

Floral Dinner Menu Template
Floral Menu Template

Template Customization Tips

One-page dinner menus work great for weddings, tasting parties, upscale restaurants, intimate dinner parties, food trucks, and small catering companies. When you've only got a few items to serve, this type of decorative option list makes your menu appear more professional.

To keep your customized menu looking nice, consider:

  • Printing on a thick weight paper, like card stock, so it feels sturdy
  • Laminating the menu or placing it in an elegant folder for easy cleaning
  • Printing in full color to draw attention
  • Framing each menu on the tables for easy, elegant viewing

A Feast for the Eyes

A decorative listing of all your meal offerings gets guests excited about the food before they've even seen it. Take the guesswork out of menu creation with these simple templates that pack a lot of flavor.

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Printable Dinner Menu Templates