Safety Proposal Template

Safety Concept

If you are working on a proposal to improve safety or provide safety training, you will need to provide information on the proposed solution and the situation it will address along with benefits, concerns, necessary resources and cost. Starting with a fill-in template like the one provided here will help make it easy to compile the information in an appropriate format.

Printable Safety Proposal

To download the free printable template, click the image below. The document will open in a separate window or tab as an editable PDF file. Use this guide for printables if you need assistance working with the document.

Safety proposal
Safety proposal template

Customizing the Template

After the document is open, click anywhere in the text area to begin entering information specific to your proposal. Keep the following tips in mind as you work:

  • Save the document before you start typing, giving it a general name, such as 'blank_safety_proposal,' so you will have a fresh version on your computer for future use.
  • Next, use the 'Save As' command from the 'File' menu to give it a name specific to the proposal you are working on now, and use that version for your working document.
  • If you need to add additional bullet points to any of the sections, copy and paste one of the existing lines. To do so, highlight the item you want to copy, then right click or go to the 'Edit' menu and select copy. Then, click on the spot where you want it copied and paste using the same method.
  • Once you have entered all the necessary information, be sure to save the document, either using the diskette icon on the toolbar or via the 'Save' command on the 'File' menu.
  • Proofread carefully, being sure the document is free from errors and clearly makes a case for what you are proposing. Doing this will increase your chances of securing approval to move forward.

Simplifying Safety Proposal Writing

Using this fill-in template is a great way to organize the information necessary for a safety proposal in an easy-to-follow, persuasive way that will make it easy for the decision-maker to see why the proposed solution is needed and get a clear understanding of exactly what will be required to make it happen. He will appreciate such a well-formatted submission, and you just might find that your ideas get approved faster and more often when you follow this helpful template to organize what you need to say.

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Safety Proposal Template