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Using a fill-in template can simplify the process of creating sales proposals to market your company's products or services. Rather than starting from a blank screen each time you need to send a proposal to a prospective customer, you'll have a pre-formatted structure to follow when you use a template like the one provided.

Fill-In Sales Proposal Form

Click the image below to download a free printable sales proposal form that can be customized for your business as well as for each proposal you need to submit. If you experience any difficulties with this editable PDF, see this guide to printables for helpful tips.

Sales proposal
Fill-in sales proposal template

Creating a Company Template for Sales Proposals

Once the document is open, create a template for your company by inserting your logo at the top of the document and inserting your contact details in the footer. Once you do that, save the document to your computer, cloud storage or intranet so you can easily access it anytime you need to create a new proposal.

If you create a local copy rather than using intranet or cloud storage, be sure to provide the document to others in your organization who are responsible for preparing sales proposals, so they also have access to the document. You can email it to them or provide it via a flash drive.

Using Your Template

You can use the company-specific template you created to prepare a sales proposal anytime you need to provide product or service recommendations to a potential customer along with pricing details.

Saving an Individual Proposal

To save an individual proposal, open the company-specific template you created and use the 'save as' command from the file menu to create a new document. Give it a meaningful title, such as the customer name and date with the word proposal. Follow a similar file naming structure for all sales proposals to make it easy to find documents when you need to refer to them in the future.

Customizing Content

Click anywhere in the document to begin entering the information you need to provide to the potential customer. The form is fully customizable so that you can edit any aspect of the document.

Finalizing the Document

When you have finished entering information, save it and proof it carefully. Once you are sure it is correct, sign the document either electronically or by printing it to sign.

Submitting a Proposal

The saved document is a PDF file, so you can submit the finished proposal to your customer electronically as an email attachment or electronic fax if you can sign electronically. Alternatively, you can print the document to sign it, and then scan it back to your system and save it again. If you are pitching your products or services in person, take copies of the proposal to distribute to each person who will be attending your presentation. Depending on the situation, you may also want to provide a proposal letter along with the completed form.

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