Sample Employee Performance Appraisal

Exceptional performance review

If you need to evaluate the performance of your company's employees, it makes sense to use a performance appraisal form. Using a form provides a framework for conducting the evaluation and helps ensure you are considering consistent factors with everyone on your team.

Employee Performance Appraisal Template

To download the sample performance appraisal form provided here, click the image below. The file will open as a PDF, and all the highlighted areas can be edited. Once the form is open, click the download button to save it to your computer in its original form.

Employee performance appraisal template

If you need any assistance working with the form, the information provided in this guide to printables will be helpful.

Tips for Using the Form

You can print the form and make multiple copies to use to create handwritten performance appraisals for individual employees or set up electronic files for every employee you will be evaluating using the 'Save As' command from the menu. If you opt for electronic files, you can enter all details except Part 1 and the signatures using your computer, being sure to save once you have finished. The rest of the information can be added by hand after printing.


This performance appraisal form is well-suited for jobs in which the key focus of the evaluation is to consider how effectively employees function in the work environment and the extent to which they exhibit positive overall performance. It could be used for annual employee reviews, as well as periodic check-ins, such as at the end of a new hire's probationary period or upon completion of a performance improvement plan.

This form can be appropriate for situations in which the manager is solely responsible for evaluating employee performance. It does not include a self-evaluation or peer review component, though you may want to use additional examples of employee evaluations for those purposes. It is intended to be a general evaluation appropriate for most kinds of jobs, and so does not cover specialized skills. However, it could be paired with skill or performance based checklists as needed.

Performance Appraisal Conversation

Once you have completed an employee's written performance appraisal, you will need to schedule a face-to-face conversation to communicate about what you have written. It's important to have an honest dialogue with the employee that includes praise where warranted, as well as constructive criticism as needed.

The form should also be used to document goals for the next rating period. The two of you need to reach an agreement on what the goals are and put a plan in place that the employee can follow. Allow the employee to speak freely in the conversation, as well as to add comments to the form as desired.


The completed and signed form should be placed in the employee's personnel file. Depending on your company's policy, you may also need to give the employee a copy of the completed document.

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Sample Employee Performance Appraisal