Letter for Donation to Support a Fundraising Event


If your nonprofit organization is holding a special event to raise money, chances are, you'll need some help from donors to cover the costs associated with the event. Sending a letter to potential donors is a good way to request this type of financial support.

Template for an Event Fundraising Letter

The template provided here is a good starting point for drafting a letter requesting financial contributions in support of an event-based fundraiser. Click on the image below to access the template which is a PDF document that you can edit and save to email or mail to prospective donors.

Event fundraising letter template

To edit the template, click inside the shaded area and make the text changes. If you need assistance with the sample letter, see this guide for printables.


The sample letter provided here is a direct request for donations to offset the costs associated with holding an event fundraiser, though you may also want to use it in other ways. With a few tweaks, you can use this letter to:

  • Ask recipients to consider purchasing event sponsorship packages that would both help cover event costs and provide the donor with visibility as a supporter.
  • Request underwriting support for specific event costs, such as providing a lump sum donation to cover the cost of the band or refreshments.
  • Solicit sales of ticket blocks or tables to an event, to be used by the donors themselves or their families, friends, employees or clients.

Key Tips

For the most success, keep the following tips in mind:

  • Always address your donation request letter to a specific individual, rather than 'to whom it may concern.'
  • If you are sending letters to businesses, and it has been a while since you have updated your contact list, consider making phone calls ahead of time to update your list by verifying the correct contact information. This will help ensure your letter ends up in the right person's hands rather than in the trash.
  • Make sure your letter is properly formatted, well-written and free of errors.

Of course, getting the letter to the right person is just the beginning. The letter itself has to be convincing and worded in a way that will capture the interest of readers and encourage them to provide financial support. When you review the letter before sending it, be sure to ask yourself if it meets all of these criteria. Then, ask someone else to proof it for you, keeping the same criteria in mind.

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