Annual Fund Solicitation Request Letter

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If your nonprofit organization holds an annual fundraising drive, you need a well-written, persuasive letter designed to inspire potential donors to pledge their financial support. The sample letter provided is a template that you can use as a starting point for creating the perfect letter for your organization.

Sample Annual Fund Donation Letter

To access the sample letter, click the image below. It will open as a fully customizable PDF document that you can save, edit and print. Use this guide to printables if you need assistance with the file.

Annual Fund Letter template
Click to Download Annual Fund Letter template

Once the letter is open, click the download button at the top to save it to your computer. Then, click anywhere in the highlighted area and begin making your adjustments.

Finalizing Your Letter

Raising money for your group's annual fund is a critical aspect of financial success, so the quality of the letter you send is important. It must reflect the organization's mission, while also convincing recipients to make a financial contribution. The letter must be professionally presented, with error-free writing and an attractive format. It must also reinforce the organization's image and brand in a persuasive way. Have several people proofread the document, and have it reviewed and approved by your Board of Directors before sending it out, as well.

Sending the Letter

You should always address an annual fund letters should to specific individuals, as opposed to using a general address such as 'dear sir or madam.' These types of fundraising letters are typically sent to a nonprofit organization's full database via postal mail, though some groups use email for initial or follow-up contact. You may want to send your annual fund letter to past donors, people already on your list of prospective donors, newsletter subscribers, people who have attended fundraising events in the past, volunteers and others who may have shown an interest in the group. It is also a good idea to create a list of socially conscious businesses in the local area to add to your mailing list when it is time to request support for your annual fund.

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