Financial Donation Thank You Letter Sample

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Saying thank you is an important aspect of effective donor relations. Any time your nonprofit organization receives a financial donation, it is critical to take the time to send a formal expression of appreciation in writing. This is just as true for small contributions as it is for major gifts.

Donation Thank You Template

If you want to send a formal business letter to those who have donated to your organization, consider downloading and editing the free printable letter provided here. To access the letter, click the image below. The document will open as a PDF file. You can customize the letter, then save and print it for mailing, or email it as an attachment.

Click to Download Sample Financial Donation Thank You Letter

If you have any issues working with the template, please review this guide to printables for assistance. Once the document is open, click in at anywhere to edit the text, then use the toolbar to save and print as needed. If you need additional inspiration, other wording options can be viewed in this donation thank you letter template.

Handwritten Option

While the template provided above is designed to be printed and sent as a brief formal business letter, you may want to opt instead to send a handwritten thank you note. This is a great way to add a personal touch to your efforts and let your donors know how valued they are.

If you want to send a handwritten note, consider using one of these free printable thank you cards paired with wording inspired by the sample templates provided above.

Tips for Donor Appreciation Correspondence

Whether you send a typed letter or handwritten note after receiving a financial donation, be sure the communication you send properly expresses gratitude for the gift provided by the recipient.

Be sure the document is personalized with the donor's name and accurately references the amount and reason for their donation. Ensure that the message is well-written, free of mistakes and that it conveys an appropriate tone. After all, not only do you want the donor to know how much you appreciate what he has already given, you also need to build and maintain a positive connection so the door is open for future contributions as well.

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Financial Donation Thank You Letter Sample