Printable Door Hanger Template

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Create your own door hangers to announce your space, let people know you do not want to be disturbed or even as decorations for parties. These printable door hangers are easy to customize for ultimate versatility.

Printable Door Hanger Templates

This printable door hanger template PDF holds two blank door hanger templates that you can print and decorate to make your own. If you need help downloading the door hanger, see this helpful online guide for working with Adobe printables.

Door Hanger Templates

Door Hanger Decoration Ideas

Door hangers are a versatile option for adding cute little accents to your doors throughout your house or space. You can use them in a variety of spaces.

  • Cheer Camp Decorations: Print these out on colored paper that matches your team's or school's color. Decorate with glitter, pom poms, gossamer bows, and letter stickers that spell out the name of the participant or school.
  • Baby Shower Decor: Print on pink, blue, or gender neutral paper and add die cut baby items such as onesies, bottles, or similar.
  • Dry Erase Sign: Make your own DIY door sign by printing the template on cardstock and then covering it with clear contact paper. The contact paper will retain dry-erase ink, but the remnants will wipe off easily with rubbing alcohol.
  • Outdoor Door Hanger: Take your outdoor decor up a notch by making wooden door hangers to match the season. First, print the template on cardstock and then cut it out. Next, use the template to trace the outline of the door hanger on balsa wood and cut using a sharp craft knife. Paint the doorknob in seasonal colors, and you have instant outdoor decorations!

Make Them Sturdy

To make the basic door hanger, print the templates and decorate. However, if you do this, the door hanger will not be able to be used long term, and the crook that hangs on the door will lose its shape. To make them sturdier, use the following ideas:

  • Print the free door hanger template on cardstock. This is the quickest way to make the door hangers sturdy.
  • If you need something sturdier, consider printing the template on cardstock, cutting out the template, and tracing onto cardboard. This would allow you to glue 3-D decorations without compromising the integrity of the door hanger.

Perfectly Fun Decor

Door hangers are an inexpensive way to add decor and cheer to your space. Whether it's for a holiday, event or a simple do not disturb sign, these door hangers are sure to please.

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Printable Door Hanger Template