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Research Proposal Template

Research concept

Writing a research proposal is a big task that requires significant thought and effort. You'll need to compile a substantial amount of information into an organized format that is easy to skim and understand. Whether you are proposing a research project for school, work or a grant application, it's important to structure your request appropriately and provide sufficient detail.

Guide for Formatting a Research Proposal

If you aren't required to follow a particular format, consider using the template provided here to help organize your work and present it in a logical manner. Click the image below to access the template which will open as a customizable PDF document. Use this guide to printables if you experience issues opening the file.

Once the document is open, you can utilize it as an aid for creating your proposal. You may want to print it to use as an outline to follow while drafting your proposal using your favorite word processing program. Alternatively, since the template is editable, you can enter your information into it directly. To do this, click anywhere in the document to begin typing changes. You can save and print (using the 'File' menu or toolbar commands) as needed.

When to Use

This type of format is appropriate for submitting a formal proposal to conduct a research project. Examples of situations include:

  • Proposing a research project for a college class or degree completion requirement (such as a Master's thesis)
  • To request budget allocation for a research and development project at work
  • To apply for grant funding to pay to conduct a scientific investigation
  • In response to a request for proposal seeking research projects to fund

Verify Format

Of course, this template provides just one example of an appropriate format for this type of proposal. Some organizations may have specific requirements for research proposals, such as using American Psychological Association (APA) style, page limits, font requirements, etc. Before using this document as a formatting guide, verify that there is not some other template that you need to be using.

Research Proposal Template