Sample Cancellation Letter

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If you wish to cancel a service, it's advisable to submit a cancellation notification in writing. This is a good way to formally notify the service provider you no longer wish to subscribe and that billing should cease.

Template for a Cancellation Letter

To access a sample letter of cancellation, please click the image below. The letter will open as a PDF file that you can edit to meet the needs of your situation. To edit, click anywhere in the highlighted text area and type your changes. Use the menu bar commands to save and print when you are ready. If you experience any difficulties with the file, see this guide to printables for instructions. It should be noted that this template is designed to cancel a personal service. If you are canceling a business agreement, you may want to use a sample letter of cancellation for a business contract instead of this one.

Click here to download the template for a cancellation letter
Template for a cancellation letter

Tips for Submitting a Written Cancellation

Some service providers may require a written notification of cancellation to end a service. Others may accept cancellation requests via telephone or email, but it is still advisable to follow up in writing for documentation purposes. When writing a letter to opt out of a service, there are a few key tips to keep in mind.

  • The letter should come from, and be signed by, the person whose name is on the service account.
  • Be sure the letter has the correct date on it. (Use the date the letter is being mailed.)
  • Include your account number in the letter.
  • Specifically state when the cancellation should be effective.
  • Include your contact information (phone number and email address) so a company representative can easily contact you if needed.
  • Specify how final payment will be made.
  • If you have called or emailed previously with your intent to cancel, include that information in your letter.
  • Have someone else proofread the letter before you send it to be sure it clearly communicates what you intend.

Ensuring a Smooth Transition

Clearly communicating your intent to cancel a service is the best way to prevent miscommunication and aggravation in this type of situation. Sending a well-written letter is a good way to accomplish this. You may even want to consider sending the letter in a manner that will provide you with a delivery confirmation receipt, so there is no confusion with regards to whether the company received written notification of your intent to cancel.

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Sample Cancellation Letter