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Sample Letter for Payment of Debt

Payment Due

If you need to collect payment on a debt, it is advisable to put your request in writing. It is a good idea to create a standard form letter to use anytime you need to send a debt collection letter. Use the sample document provided here as a guide to help you get started creating a debt payment request template that meets your needs.

Debt Payment Request Template

To view the sample debt payment letter, just click the image below. The document will open as a printable PDF file that you can edit. If you need help with the document, use the information provided in this guide to printables.

The sample letter is fully customizable, so you can alter the language and format in a way that will allow you to use it as a collection letter template. Once you have made your changes, simply save the letter to your computer and fill in details any time you need to send this kind of letter.

Using Your Template

Based on the way you edit the sample letter, you can use it for any situation that might require contact with a customer to request or demand payment of a financial obligation. For example, you could use it to contact customers with past-due invoice balances or who owe money for damage to property, as well as those who fall behind on regular ongoing payments, such as installment payments or storage unit rental fees.

Making Your Request

Your request for payment is much more likely to be successful if your letter clearly explains the situation and provides reasonable alternatives for taking care of the situation using a professional tone. When mailing this kind of letter, it is a good idea to request a delivery confirmation from the mail service so that you will have proof of the time the letter was delivered to the recipient. This can be useful if further collection efforts are required.

Track Your Collection Efforts

Keep a copy (electronic or printed) of each letter you send so you have a record of each effort you have made to collect payment. This will help you keep track of your efforts to secure payment of debts and provide you with documentation of past actions taken should you need to turn some accounts over to a collections agency.

Sample Letter for Payment of Debt