Sample Scholarship Recommendation Letter From a Co-Worker

Drafting a letter

Writing a scholarship recommendation letter for a co-worker is a big responsibility. While recommendations alone don't determine who receives scholarship awards, they do have an impact on the decision-making process.

Template for Recommending a Co-worker

If you'd rather work from a template instead of starting from a blank page, click the image below to get started. When you do, a sample letter designed for writing a scholarship recommendation for someone you work with will open as a PDF document.

Click to Download Sample Scholarship Recommendation Letter

The document is fully customizable, so you can edit, save and print it as needed. If you need help with the template file, see this guide to working with printables.

Tips to Consider

Of course, the scholarship recommendation letter you write should be customized to reflect your experience with your co-worker who is applying for a scholarship, as well as his goals. Key tips to consider include:

  • Positive input: Your co-worker wouldn't ask you to write this type of letter if he didn't expect you to say something positive. Agree to write the letter only if you can provide a document that will help your co-worker be seen positively by the scholarship committee.
  • Type of scholarship: Ask what kind of scholarship program the individual is applying for so you can take that into consideration when writing. For example, if it is a professional association or career change scholarship program, you'll want to discuss how the individual has reflected commitment to the particular industry or occupation. However, if it is a community service scholarship, you'll want to discuss the applicant's volunteer work and relevant social activism.
  • Verify facts: Make sure you have accurate information about key facts relevant to the letter, such as your co-worker's field of study, when he or she started (or plans to start) school, etc. Also, verify that the two of you are in agreement on the best way to phrase a description of your working relationship and how long you have worked together. You don't the scholarship committee to get contradictory information and consequently think the applicant isn't being truthful.
  • Deadline commitment: Scholarship committees typically follow deadlines very strictly, so be sure to find out the deadline at the time you agree to write the letter. Make sure you are clear on whether the deadline relates to when the letter has to be sent or received so there is no confusion. If you can't meet the deadline, don't accept the responsibility.

Quality Matters

Even though you aren't the one applying for the scholarship, it is extremely important that you submit a high-quality, error-free letter. If the letter you send doesn't reflect an appropriate level of professionalism, the scholarship committee may view the applicant negatively. Have someone else proof and edit your letter carefully before sending it.

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Sample Scholarship Recommendation Letter From a Co-Worker