Sample Sponsorship Letter for an Individual


If you are participating in a fundraiser that involves securing donations from multiple sponsors, you may find it helpful to mail or email a personalized letter to your network of contacts. The sample letter provided here can easily be customized to used to request sponsorship support for any fundraiser in which you may be participating.

Individual Sponsorship Sample Letter

To access the sample individual sponsorship request letter, click the image below. It will open as a PDF document that you can edit with details specific to your request. Use this guide to Adobe printables if you need help with the document.

individual sponsorship sample letter
Individual sponsorship letter

When you have made your adjustments to the text, use the toolbar commands to save it, then email or mail it to the people you will be asking to sponsor you.

When to Use This Letter

This letter is written specifically to request support for individual participation in events. For example, if you are participating in Relay for Life or another run/walk to raise money for a charitable organization, you will need to solicit people to sponsor your participation in the event.

Who to Ask

When asking people to sponsor your individual participation in a fundraiser, choose wisely. You should reach out to individuals with whom you have a personal relationship that you feel will be open to giving. Consider asking close friends, family members, work colleagues (as long as you are not violating company policy), neighbors, people with whom you serve on nonprofit boards, and others who may have an affinity for your cause.

Tips for Success

For best results, try the following tips:

  • Include a personal story in your letter that conveys your commitment to the charity to which sponsorship money will be given.
  • Give details about the activity you will be participating in for the cause. Not only does this demonstrate your passion, but you may just find that your enthusiasm is contagious enough to encourage your friends to give!
  • Since you may not be the only person reaching out to the people on your contact list, be sure to emphasize that any amount they can give will be appreciated.


Don't assume that everyone will act immediately upon receiving your letter. While some people may do just that, others may set it aside fully intending to get back to you later. It's important to follow-up after you've sent the letter. An email or quick phone call to people you don't hear back from within ten days of sending the letter can help move the needle toward your fundraising goal.

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Sample Sponsorship Letter for an Individual