Alphabet Coloring Pages

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Learning the letters and sounds of the alphabet is fun when you use these adorable, free printable alphabet coloring pages. Practice one letter at a time to learn correct alphabetical order or reinforce letter sounds through art.

Entire Alphabet

If you prefer to print off all the letters at once for pre-planning purposes or to make an alphabet coloring book, click on the image of all 26 letters. Download and print the entire document and you'll have coloring pages for the whole alphabet at once. If you have any difficulty, use this helpful Adobe guide which offers tips and tricks for downloading printables.

All Letters Coloring Pages
26 Letter Coloring Pages

Individual Letters

Preschool and kindergarten kids begin learning their reading and writing curriculum one letter at a time. Use one letter per day or theme each week of the year around one letter in your lesson plans. Reinforce the look and sound of each letter at home when you use the sheets as a quiet-time art activity. Each letter is accompanied by an item starting with that letter sound to help kids better understand the concept. Click on the image for the letter you want to use and then download and print.

Let Them Make It Their Own

Coloring pages are a great way to get some hands-on experience with the letters of the alphabet. In addition to breaking out the crayons, markers, and colored pencils, try these other fun ways to get creative with the coloring pages:

  • Glitter - If you're okay with a bit of a mess, bring on the glitter. Kids can cover all or part of the letter in glue and shake glitter on the paper for some real sparkle.
  • Letter-themed objects - After coloring, glue on some letter-themed objects. Think feathers for "F", beans for "B," sequins for "S," and plastic jewels for "J."
  • Photos - Add a photo of the child using or doing something that starts with that letter, from jumping for "J" to zipping a coat for "Z."
  • Frames - After coloring, surround each letter with a paper frame in a color that matches. Consider using scrapbook paper or cardstock to make the letter into a true work of art.

Fun With Learning

When kids color these exciting alphabet pages, they learn motor skills and letter concepts. They also begin learning about words and letter sounds. Ask kids to use realistic colors or give them free reign to create cooky pictures with these creative activities.

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Alphabet Coloring Pages