Candy Corn Coloring Pages

Candy corns in bowl on blue wooden background

Whether you're learning about Halloween or just have a sweet tooth, these cute candy corn coloring pages liven up any art session. Print off your own free coloring page and use traditional colors or create your own unique versions with these fun worksheets.

Happy Candy Corn

The smile on this silly piece of candy is sure to make any young artist smile back. Click on the image to download and print the Happy Candy Corn Coloring Page this Halloween. This troubleshooting guide can help if you have any problems opening the printable or using it.

Happy Candy Corn Coloring Page

Candy Corn Text

Show off your love of these tiny striped candies with the Candy Corn Coloring Sheet. This full page features nine candy corn pieces to color and the words "candy corn." Simply click on the image and then select the download icon. Hit the printer icon to print off your own coloring pages.

Candy Corn Coloring Page

Candy Corn Crafts

These coloring pages are perfect for quick art sessions, but they also work great as materials for more involved projects. Take your coloring activity to the next level with one of these coloring page crafts.

  • Print, color, and cut out several copies of the Happy Candy Corn character. Use a hole punch to make a hole at the top of each character and then thread some orange ribbon through the holes to create a happy candy corn garland.
  • Cut out each word separately from the Candy Corn Coloring Sheet to use as a title on your Halloween bulletin board. Use the candy corn images as borders and then give each student in your class a Happy Candy Corn character to color, cut, and hang on the board.
  • Decorate your Happy Candy Corn character with three-dimensional craft supplies like pom-poms, googly eyes, ribbon, and glitter to make an all-new candy corn character.
  • Have kids color one of each page and then staple them together on the two tall sides and the bottom with the pictures facing back-to-back to create a small, unique trick-or-treat bag.
  • Use actual candy corns glued onto the coloring sheets to "color" in the pages. Look for different-colored candy corn pieces or provide plastic knives to help kids cut the different colored stripes off the candies.

Sweet and Sassy

Candy corns are distinctive treats thanks to their unique look, shape, and taste. Take these sweet treats up a notch with some imaginative coloring on these fun, free pages.

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Candy Corn Coloring Pages