Free Printable Rainbow Fish Templates

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Rainbow fish can be a fun way to brighten up a kid's room or make a fun craft for your classroom. Get several free rainbow fish templates to use for a variety of projects. Explore some crafty ideas to break up Sunday monotony or just give your class project a fun tropical twist.

Rainbow Fish Printables

Free templates are a great go to for coloring pages or several craft ideas. These are great for not only school aged kids but printables work for toddlers too. To download your rainbow fish templates, you simply click on the link. You can then either choose to save it to your computer or print it. Adobe help can be useful if you run into any issues with your rainbow fish prints.

Big Eyed Rainbow Fish

Looking for a fun printable that kids won't be able to get enough of? This fun rainbow fish with his big eyes can be projected onto a wall and colored to spice up a room's décor.

Rainbow Fish Template 1
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Swimming Rainbow Fish

You might use this cute little rainbow fish can make a rainy day coloring project. In addition to just coloring the fish, kids can get creative by adding glitter and creating a whole ocean scene behind this little swimmer.

Rainbow Fish Template 2
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Traditional Rainbow Fish

With this more traditional looking rainbow fish, let children color and cut it out. You could then add their name and laminate it to make a unique door sign.

Rainbow Fish Template 3
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Sassy Little Rainbow Fish

Add a little sass to this rainbow fish template by coloring it in bright colors. Add a frame and use it as a tropical themed wall decoration.

Rainbow Fish Template 4
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Getting Crafty With Tropical Fish Templates

Printables don't just have to be coloring pages for kiddos. Try a few unique ideas to get the most out of your free tropical fish printables.

Rainbow Fish Book Activity

The The Rainbow Fish by Marcus Pfister offers a fun and exciting journey into making friends with a colorful and glittery rainbow fish. Make your own rainbow fish with iridescent scales by using aluminum foil and double-sided tape to attach glittery sequins to decorate your printable. Kids can then color their other fish without sequins. Allow kids to re-enact the story by gluing a popsicle stick to the back of the fish and adding sequins to the other fish as the story is read.

Cardboard Aquarium

After printing out the different printables, you can allow children to color them in a variety of ways. Find a large cardboard box, like a moving box. With construction paper, glue and your printables, make a cardboard aquarium that can be hung in bedroom to simulate the real thing or placed in a classroom as a decoration.

Rainbow Multiples

For this craft, you're going to need your printables, tissue paper in rainbow colors and glue. Allow kids to write multiplication tables on the scales. For example, they might write the multiples of four to ten (4x1=4, 4x2=8, etc.). They can then use crayons and tissue paper to decorate the fish and scales. Cut them out and they have a fun multiplication table reminder. You might have them do this for each different table and decorate a room. Get really blingy by letting them outline their multiplication tables in glitter.

Tropical Fish Keepsake

Tropical fish are all about color. Turn their scales into a variety of color and faces by adding pictures to their scales. With printed images, cut out several different important picture memories so they fit on the scales. Glue them on to the fish so they flap slightly over on another. Allow the kids to color the rest of the fish. This can make a great classroom keepsake or project to give to a mom. It can also be fun decoration for a home.

Printables With Endless Possibilities

Free templates are a great way to get a kid's imagination buzzing through animal coloring, drawing and crafts. Take your printables to a whole new level by making fun crafts and decorations that you and your kids can enjoy for years to come.

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Free Printable Rainbow Fish Templates