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Free Printable Star Templates

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From craft projects and coloring pages to DIY gifts and home decor, printable star templates can help you translate this hard-to-draw shape. Click on the image of the stars you want to use, then download and print. Check out the handy Adobe guide for troubleshooting tips and tricks with printables.

Blank Star Templates to Print

You can use any of the blank star template pages as star coloring pages or cut out individual stars to use as stencils or art supplies. Each star is outlined in black with white fill.

Assorted 5-Point Wide Star Templates

The standard star shape features five points and has a wide body. In these free, blank star shape PDFs you'll find a mix of small, medium, and large stars.

Assorted 5-Point Narrow Star Templates

If you need the classic 5-point star shape, but want narrower stars, this is the printable template for you. The single-page PDF features 25 small stars and two larger stars.

Identical 5-Point Star Templates

If you need several of the same sized star templates, this printable standard star PDF gets the job done. It includes six identical wide, 5-point star templates.

Assorted 6-Point Star Templates

A 6-point star is similar to a narrow Star of David. This free PDF includes one large star, two medium stars, eight small stars, and 11 mini stars.

Assorted 7-Point Star Templates

A heptagram is a 7-point star that is often used for awards and medals. When you print this free sheet of star templates, you'll get one large star, four medium stars, nine small stars, and 15 mini stars.

Printable Yellow Star Templates

Yellow star templates are perfect for decoupage projects, card-making, bulletin board decorations, chore charts or reward charts, and even kids' school projects.

Assorted 5-Point Yellow Star Templates

When you want to use the star templates directly in a project without coloring them in, opt for these printable 5-point yellow stars. The printable PDF features wide 5-point stars already colored yellow with some shading to add depth.

Assorted 4-Point Yellow Star Templates

A 4-point star resembles a cross and can have either a wide or narrow body. It's sometimes called a Christmas star. This printable PDF includes a full page of yellow stars with shading in various heights and widths.

Assorted Yellow Star Templates

Use yellow, shaded stars of all shapes and sizes with these free, printable star templates. This PDF includes 4-point, 5-point, 6-point, and 7-point stars.

Creative Ways to Use Printable Star Templates

Free, printable paper star templates can be used for standard purposes or in unique and creative ways.

  • Make your own star-shaped notepad by stacking identical-sized star cutouts on top of each other, then painting along one edge with craft glue to hold them together.
  • Create beautiful paper flowers by sacking different stars on top of each other, poking a hole down the center of the stack, and securing with a round head fastener.
  • Laminate stars and tack them to your bulletin board for fun dry-erase notecards.
  • Cover a small bulletin board with paper stars by sticking a tack into the center of each star and pushing it in hard so the star edges flare up for a beautiful 3-D work of art.
  • Stack two identical star templates back-to-back and glue or staple around the outer edge of the bottom half of the stars to create a cute pocket for small treats or notes.

Seeing Stars

Stars are one of the most iconic shapes used to convey a variety of messages and serve as symbols for cultures around the world. Since this unique shape is not always easy to draw, printable star templates can help you make your projects look professional.

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Free Printable Star Templates