Free Triangle Templates to Print

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Use free printable triangle templates to jazz up your project. Not only are the equilateral and isosceles triangle printables great for personal art projects but the right-angle triangle templates can be used to make labels, stencils and even game pieces. Find out how easy it is to use triangle templates and printables in a variety of sizes and colors for all your art and math needs.

How to Print Free Triangle Templates

Triangle printables are easy to use. Simply click on the template that you need to print and hit the print button on the pdf. If you need any help downloading the triangle printable templates, check out the guide for Adobe printables. This can help you get the program downloaded and troubleshoot any issues that you might be having.

Right-Angled Triangle Templates

Right-angled triangle printables can make great building blocks for a craft project like creating a simple house or Christmas tree. Challenge yourself to create an entire scene with nothing but triangles.

Triangle template
Click to download right angle triangles.
Triangle template
Click to print right angled templates.
Triangle template
Click for the colorful right-angled triangles.

Isosceles Triangle Printable Templates

Find a variety of sizes of isosceles triangle printables that can be used for game pieces, tokens or even colored and used to create a mosaic. You might choose to print the color triangles to use for unique name tags.

Triangle template
Click for isosoceles triangles to download.
Triangle template
Click for more isosceles triangles.
Triangle template
Click for colorful isosceles triangles.

Printable Equilateral Triangles

Cutting out and laminating these templates works great for shape creators and stencils. You can even color them, add dots and tape them together to create a 3D triangle die for probability games.

Triangle template
Click to download equilateral triangles.
Triangle template
Click for more equilateral triangles.
Triangle template
Click for colorful equilateral triangles.

Mix and Match Triangles

Let's face it, not everyone has time to print out multiple printables. If you are short on paper or just time, you can mix and match triangles through this easy to use printable template. Not only will you get larger and smaller triangles of a variety of sizes, but they can easily be colored or written on. You can even laminate the entire sheet to reuse again. You can also use them for a fun origami project.

Triangle template
Click to print three types of triangles.

Fun Uses for Triangle Templates

Printables are great. But after time, you might find that you're getting stuck in the same rut using your printables. Spice up your creativity with a few of these fun and easy ideas for using your free triangle templates.

Animal Creation

The organic shape of animals can be hard to create with triangles. Challenge yourself or others to create a realistic animal or bird using each different triangle type. Not only will this be a bit more difficult for the right-angle, but it makes you think outside of the box. You might do this by cutting out the triangles and gluing them together to create a mosaic or using the triangles as stencils to create an animal. You might not think so, but you can make an amazing wolf using just right-angle triangles.

Create a Game

Using a variety of triangles shapes, devise a shape game complete with a game board. The rules should be considered as well as the construction since you're limited to the use of only triangles. Not only can you create the entire game board and cards out of triangles, you could create dice as well by using the shapes to create a 3D die. Really think outside of the box for this one.

Shape Hunt

Challenge yourself to see how many shapes you can create from triangles in one minute. Combining larger and smaller triangles of various shapes, you'll be amazed at how far beyond a square or diamond that you can go.

Hidden Picture

By coloring and cutting out the triangles and placing them strategically on a large piece of paper, create a hidden picture. This should be a picture that won't come to life until you walk several feet away from the image. This not only takes preparation but creative thinking.

Endless Printable Uses

Triangle printables have endless different uses that you might try for art or math practice. Since there are different types of triangles and sizes, this give you endless opportunities to let your creativity soar. You are only as limited as your imagination.

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