Hawaii Coloring Pages

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Kids learning about the Hawaiian islands or adults in search of a tropical break from everyday life will love these cute, free coloring sheets inspired by the Aloha State. Grab some brightly colored crayons, markers, or colored pencils and then download and print the pages using this handy guide for troubleshooting.

Aloha Coloring Page

The four beautiful hibiscus flowers in this pretty coloring sheet adorn the word "Aloha," which can mean "hello," "goodbye," "love," or "affection."

Aloha Coloring Sheet
Aloha Coloring Sheet

Creative Uses

You could simply color this page with bright, beautiful hues and hang it up to bring life to a dull space. Alternatively, you could use it in a more creative way like:

  • Write details for an event on the back of the colored page to use as an invitation to a luau-themed party.
  • Cut the entire image out around the outside edges and decoupage it on a suitcase, photo box, or globe to create a unique decorative piece for your vacation home.
  • Glue the picture to a piece of card stock or poster board. Attach a paint stir stick as a handle to make a welcome sign to use when picking up a loved one from the airport after a tropical vacation.

Hang Ten Cat

Cat videos are fun, but this crazy surfing cat picture may be even more exciting. Elaborate wave details surround a spotted cat on a surfboard with the words "Hang Ten" in this silly coloring sheet.

Surfing Cat Coloring Page
Hang Ten Cat Coloring Page

Creative Uses

While this image makes a great DIY poster, try one of these other fun applications:

  • Create a paper meme by covering the words "Hang Ten" with your own funny phrase. Glue a cut piece of blank paper over the words and then draw your own saying on that paper.
  • Print the page on card stock and use it as the cover for a new book. Staple sheets of plain copy paper to the back of the image and add a plain piece of card stock on the back. Now write a story about this cat on the interior pages.
  • Carefully cut out the cat's head and place a picture of your own face behind the cutout to create a silly portrait.

Hawaiian Penguin

Put an unassuming penguin character in a grass skirt and elaborate floral headpiece, and you've got this adorable island image.

Hawaiian Penguin Coloring Page
Hawaiian Penguin Coloring Page

Creative Uses

Coloring the detailed flowers and the grass skirt can be a time-consuming, stress-relieving activity, but you could also use the image in other creations.

  • Make a giant "Get Well," "Thank You," or "Thinking of You" card by gluing the colored image to the front of a folded piece of medium-size poster board and writing a greeting inside.
  • Create a three-dimensional piece of art when you trace the penguin's flippers onto another piece of paper. Cut them out and glue just the top edge over the drawing of the flippers. Now you have lifting flaps where you can hide pictures underneath.
  • Make a natural art piece by gluing grass, flowers, and other natural items to the picture to "color" it in.

Refresh and Relax

Coloring can be a relaxing activity for kids and adults. Put your mind in a refreshing, carefree island spirit by completing one or all of these Hawaiian coloring sheets.

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Hawaii Coloring Pages