Mermaid Coloring Pages

Red-haired mermaid swimming under water

Artists looking for majestic creatures to decorate will love these free mermaid coloring sheets. Take your creativity under the sea and design a beautiful mermaid by clicking on the image of your choice to download and print a hard copy. Use this troubleshooting guide if you have any problems downloading the coloring pages.

Happy Mermaid

If you love classic Mermaids like Princess Ariel from Disney's The Little Mermaid, you'll love this delightful girl. With long, flowing hair and a shell bikini top, this standard mermaid can take on any color scheme you choose.

Edgy Mermaid

If you like a little less cookie-cutter style in your coloring pages, this edgy mermaid is for you. She's got a short, spiky hairdo and a leopard-spotted tail waiting for you to decorate.

Extend the Fun

These beautiful mermaids are fun to color with the bright hues found in the world's oceans, but they can be used in other ways as well.

  • Turn your artwork into decorations for a mermaid-themed birthday party. Cut out the mermaids and adhere to standard gift bags. Let each guest color her own mermaid bag to store party favors.
  • Create fun fantasy art when you replace each mermaid's face with your face and your friend's faces. Create a mermaid collage of you all together by pasting each updated mermaid onto one canvas. Paint an ocean background around all the pictures and you've got a unique art piece.
  • Make a paper dress-up doll. Trace and cut out the main part of the tail and shell top from the Happy Mermaid Coloring Sheet. Color each one differently and have fun mixing and matching by attaching the cut-out versions with double-sided tape.

Take a Dive Into Coloring

Mermaids are fun to color because they can take on any personality depending on how you decorate them. Immerse yourself in their undersea world and give these cool mermaids some serious personality using your own art supplies and creativity.

Mermaid Coloring Pages