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Child dressed in mummy costume

Whether it's time for some Halloween coloring or you're learning about Egyptian culture, these funny mummy coloring pages bring the ancient imaginary creatures to life in a hilarious way. Download these free coloring pages by clicking on the image.

Mummy Cat

This little kitten and his ball of yarn seem to have had a roll in some mummy-wrap! Print this silly page, and then color in the wacky cat mummy and background pyramid. If you have any trouble printing the page, use this handy guide to printables to help.

Funny Cat Mummy Coloring Page
Mummy Cat Coloring Page

Funny Mummy

If you're looking for a more light-hearted mummy art activity, you'll love this humorous scene. This coloring page features a smiling mummy head sticking out from the sand where he's clearly gotten stuck!

Funny Mummy Coloring Page
Funny Mummy Coloring Page

Go Beyond Basic Coloring

Coloring these funny mummies will put a smile on your face, and they can be used to put a smile on someone else's face too. Try these fun ideas to take things to the next level.

Inspirational Poster

Turn the Mummy Cat Coloring Page into an inspirational cat poster by adding a funny phrase like "Don't get too wrapped up!" Then laminate the finished sheet.

Three-Dimensional Mummy

Make your mummy more realistic by cutting white crepe paper or tissue paper into strips. After coloring the page, glue the strips onto the mummy, allowing the ends to flutter loose a little bit. This will give your mummy a realistic, raggedy look.

Colored Mummy Cake Topper

Color and cut out the Funny Mummy's head, neck, and shoulders as one piece. Glue a wooden skewer down the center of the mummy's back and, once dry, set the mummy on top of a Halloween cake to look like he's popping out of it.

Mummy With Real Eyes

Resize and print the Funny Mummy page on 11x14 paper. Cut out the eyes, and after coloring, mount the page on a piece of cardboard. Everyone can take turns peering through the eye holes to give it a super spooky look.

Personalized Silly Mummy

Add some hair to the Funny Mummy by gluing on yarn, cotton, another material to make it look more feminine or plain silly. Paste googly eyes over the eyes and add a pom-pom for the nose.

Mummy Restroom Signs

If you're having a Halloween party at a rental hall or other venue, print two Mummy Cat Coloring Pages to use as signs for the men's and women's bathrooms. Add the symbol for "male" to the pyramid in the Mummy Cat's background of one picture and the symbol for "female" to the other.

Add a Mummy Frame

Make a frame for your coloring page by cutting a piece of construction paper or cardstock slightly larger than the page. Tape or glue the page to the back so it shows through. Then decorate the frame with strips of tissue paper or crepe paper to complete the awesome mummy look.

Love Your Mummy

Coloring pages are a great way to learn about everything from the letters of the alphabet to space to Ancient Egypt. Mummies are typically scary and spooky, but not these silly characters. Add a little fun to your creepy Halloween activities with these wacky printable coloring pages featuring the least scary mummies you've ever seen.

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