Outer Space Coloring Pages

Children coloring space adventure cardboard box

Make your coloring out of this world with free, printable outer space coloring sheets. From aliens to astronauts, all you have to do is click on the image to print your own interstellar pages. You'll need Adobe to download them.

Alien Coloring Sheet

This friendly alien comes in peace as he travels through the stars in his high-tech spaceship.

Alien in Spaceship Coloring Page
Alien Coloring Page

Bring Life to Your Art

While this smiling guy is fun to color, these upgraded activities can help you bring him to life.

  • Use patterns and shapes like dots or lines when you color in the spaceship and stars to give the picture a unique, detailed look. You could also use basic primary colors to give it a retro feel.
  • Turn the picture into an active creation by using the individual image elements to create a hanging mobile. Color the stars and alien in its ship and cut each out around the outline. Punch a hole in each star near the top and enough holes in the bottom of the spaceship to account for each star. Tie pieces of string through the holes to attach the stars to the bottom of the ship. Then tie one more string through a hole at the top of the ship to hang it.
  • Color the picture, but not the background. Write a story in the empty background space about the alien to make this picture into a unique illustrated story.

Astronaut Coloring Sheet

Feel the excitement of space travel with this astronaut as he waves from outer space with a moon and rocket ship in the background.

Astronaut in Outer Space Coloring Page
Astronaut Coloring Page

Bring Life to Your Art

The blank space on the visor of this astronaut's helmet is the perfect place to add unique details, like a real photograph of your face.

  • Go beyond coloring and glue a picture of yourself over the helmet mask for a unique poster to display on your bedroom door.
  • Teachers can have students each color a page and insert their own face into the helmet. Then the teacher can hang them all together on a space-theme bulletin board with a caption like "Kindergarten, One Small Step for Us, One Giant Leap Forward for Our Class."
  • Color and cut out the astronaut and turn it on its side. Use a hole punch to make a hole near the top middle portion of this sideways astronaut. Then attach string through the hole to make a flying astronaut you can carry around or hang from the ceiling.

Go Beyond Your Imagination

Let your imagination soar with these outer space coloring pages. Whether you're learning about the solar system or simply love the adventurous nature of space travel, these pictures will satisfy your artistic needs.

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Outer Space Coloring Pages