Princess Coloring Pages

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Give yourself the royal treatment and enjoy decorating these free, printable princess coloring pages. Whether you're a kid or an a adult, you'll feel regal as you color in your own elegant images. Simply click on the image you want to color and then download and print using this Adobe guide.

Princess Character

Every princess needs a crown and a beautiful gown. The only thing this one is missing is some color! Create your own princess look on this basic character.

Princess Character Coloring Page
Princess Coloring Page

Detailed Princess Silhouette

Older kids and adults will love the extravagant details in this mosaic princess silhouette complete with a hennin, or cone-shaped headpiece.

Princess Silhouette Coloring Page
Princess Silhouette Coloring Page

Royal Heart

All great princesses have their own crown jewels and a huge heart, just like this regal picture. A large detailed heart is adorned with an elaborate crown and matching scepter to give this coloring sheet royal flair.

Heart Crown and Scepter Coloring Page
Royal Heart Coloring Page

Extend the Experience

Take these stately coloring sheets to the next level with a bit of imagination and creativity.

  • Create a full ballgown for the Princess Character using pipe cleaners, tissue paper, and glue. Print the coloring page on a thick paper or card stock to keep it from buckling under the weight of the decorations. Start on the left side of the skirt and hot glue one end of a pipe cleaner at the edge of the dress waist. Use your fingers to shape the pipe cleaner so it curves outward a little and then hot glue the other end down at the bottom edge of the skirt. Repeat until you run out of room on the waistband. Cover the entire pipe cleaner structure with a piece of tissue paper and then cut it to size and glue the edges of the tissue paper to the coloring page.
  • Color and cut several of the Princess Silhouettes. Glue the cut-outs on a piece of card stock, turning them in different directions, for a unique princess collage.
  • Trace the heart, in full detail, from the Royal Heart Coloring Page onto a light-colored piece of copy paper. Carefully use a craft knife to cut out the little mosaic pieces from the heart. Glue this heart directly on top of the coloring page heart. Repeat several times with different color papers for a multi-dimensional look.
  • Color and cut out the image from each coloring page. Hang them along the front-facing edge of a cascading tablecloth on a cake or gift table. This makes a perfect decoration for a princess themed birthday party.

A Royal Creation

Princess coloring pages are perfect for capturing the confident, courageous, and kind spirit of these royal beauties. Grab some markers, crayons, or colored pencils and find a cozy spot in your personal palace to create a work of art fit for a castle.

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Princess Coloring Pages