Printable Mandalas for Coloring

simple mandala colored in oranges, yellow, red

Mandalas are a useful meditation tool. When you print and color your own, it allows you the chance to select colors for maximum relaxation or to match your bedroom or studio. Download using Adobe, click on the coloring page, and save it to your computer. After saving, you can print without the website logo appearing on the page.

Simple Mandala Design

The simple design features stars and triangles in a geometric configuration that's simple enough even kids can color it. If you want to make it more challenging, try shading the different sections or adding your own subtle pattern.

simple mandala
Simple mandala

Intermediate Mandala Coloring Sheet

A more intricate design highlights swag and teardrop shapes. Older kids and adults will find it more challenging than the simple design, but younger kids can still color it without worrying about the details.

intermediate design
Intermediate mandala

Complex Mandala Page

Adults who enjoy coloring or kids who want a challenge will find this design tests their attention to detail. The tree makes it look like a storytelling tapestry, and the intricacy of the shape lets you get creative with different tones and colors.

complex mandala
Complex mandala

How to Use the Coloring Pages

Mandala designs can be used for more than just coloring. If you want to do more than just hang it on the wall or your refrigerator, consider these options:

  • Mandala designs are often used by adults for stress relief as part of therapy.
  • The mandalas can be inspiration for tattoos or henna designs. Try printing them smaller and experimenting with different colors.
  • Use them as part of a presentation on Buddhism in a school project or cultural class.
  • Enlarge them and use them as book covers for high school and college students to bring stress relief to overworked students.
  • Color them with complementary colors in each space and hang them from the ceiling as decorations. Put them back-to-back and use fishing line, so they appear to be floating.
  • The colored pages can also be used as wrapping paper for small gifts; otherwise, put several together to create a larger wrapping paper.
  • Make a special gift set by printing the mandalas, as well as some spring flower coloring pages, and adding a set of nice colored pencils.
  • Color the mandalas and then pair them in double frames with inspirational quotes.
  • Make a frame for the mandalas out of colored scrapbook paper or cardstock. Choose paper that complements the tones you used when you colored the mandalas.
  • Use the mandalas for a family coloring night. You can print out some more designs for Mom or Dad, as well as kid-focused options like outer space coloring pages.

Make Beautiful Mandalas

You can make your coloring experience about more than creating something lovely. It can be mindful and meditative and a wonderful way to relax. When coloring the mandalas, keep your workspace quiet and serene. This will allow you to de-stress and make the images as beautiful as you desire. The experience and the result will both be peaceful and beautiful.

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Printable Mandalas for Coloring