Ruby Slippers Coloring Pages

girls red sequined ruby slippers

Whether you're a Wizard of Oz fan or just someone who loves shoes, these ruby slipper coloring pages are fun, fashionable, and free! No need to click your heels three times; just click the images below to download and print each picture. Use this handy guide for help if needed.

Standalone Slippers

The magic wand is ready to help you transform this standard picture of a pair of shoes into a brilliant snapshot of ruby slippers. Use your coloring powers to give these ruby slippers new life.

Ruby Red Slipper Coloring Page
Stand-alone ruby slipper coloring page

Slippers on Feet

This fun printable showcases the moment Dorothy's life goes from basic to magical. Featuring a pair of legs wearing the slippers and the magic wand pointing them out, a coloring page like this captures the spirt of the legendary ruby slippers.

Red Ruby Slipper Coloring Page
Ruby slippers on feet coloring page

Creative Expression

While these images seem simple and straightforward, they are only limited by your imagination. Invent your own version of the ruby slipper with these creative ideas.

Get Creative With Color

You can choose to color these slippers red, like the ones Dorothy wore. Or, you can get creative and go with a colorful rainbow theme or other fun and different coloring option.

Add Extra Sparkle With Glitter

Use glitter pens to color the shoes and wand to create a sparkly picture without the mess of loose glitter and glue. This will add interest to the project and help make your image really fun.

Create a Shoe Collection

Design your own shoe collection by printing several copies of each coloring sheet and giving each pair of shoes a unique look. After coloring, cut out the images and paste them to a blank journal to create your own fun and personalized collection of shoe images.

Create a Story

Create a story centered on a pair of magical shoes by thinking up a superpower for the slippers. Use the coloring sheet as the cover for your story by writing the title at the top of the page and then stapling it on top of your written story.

Make Designs

Use decorative Washi tape with graphic designs like stripes to fill in the shoes or make tights on the legs in the "ruby slippers on feet" coloring page. This will allow you to add original designs to images.

Make Wall Art

Whether your child wants a Wizard of Oz bedroom theme or it's your own secret fantasy, use the completed coloring pages to make wall decorations. After coloring the pictures, cut them out and add them to your walls. To give them a polished look, try laminating them before hanging them up. You might even try framing the pictures to get a truly professional feel.

There's No Art Like Coloring

In The Wizard of Oz, Dorothy famously says "There's no place like home." For young artists, there's no art like coloring. Use your creative powers to turn these iconic ruby slippers into original images. If this project is success, move on to other types of coloring pages. You can download and print several different printables, including versions for Mardi Gras, Easter, Halloween, 4th of July, the beach and more.

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