Teapot Coloring Pages

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Teapot collectors and tea enthusiasts of all ages will enjoy these free, whimsical teapot coloring pages. Blow off a little steam and maybe enjoy a cup of tea as you color these images.

Square Teapot

A nod to older, more elegant teapots, this coloring sheet showcases an elaborate square-shaped teapot with a floral design. Copy the color scheme of your favorite tea set or design your own antique teapot with a unique color combination. Just click on the image to print a copy and use this helpful guide if you run into problems with the printable.

Teapot Coloring Page
Square teapot coloring page

Time for Tea

This fun tea time image features a teapot with the words "Time for Tea," a teacup on a saucer, and a napkin roll. Imagine your perfect tea party setting and re-create that image on the coloring page. Add a decorative design around the edge of the saucer and napkin ring for a more elegant look. Get a more realistic look when you give the napkin a pattern like stripes, flowers, or polka dots.

Time For Tea Coloring Page

Coloring Page Crafts

These quirky pictures are great for coloring, but also they work nicely as decorative elements for the home. Try one of these easy projects to create an original work of art inspired by this iconic vessel.

  • Decoupage the coloring pages onto a gift box. Fill the box with teas, flavored spoons, and other tea time accessories to give as a gift.
  • Purchase a photo album with a photo slot on the front cover and turn it into your personal tea time recipe book. Slide the colored page into the front slot for your book cover, then add your favorite tea blends and snack recipes.
  • Use the coloring page as a template to draw your own copy onto a canvas. Paint the picture on the canvas for a unique kitchen wall hanging.
  • Color the page of your choice then fold it into a unique paper fan. Use the fans for guests at an Alice in Wonderland themed wedding.
  • Turn the teapots into tea party invitations by cutting out the teapot from each coloring page and writing party details on it.
  • Make a poster for a community fundraiser tea party by adding details to the pages then laminating.
  • Turn the coloring sheet into a three-dimensional sensational work of art when you "color" the image by gluing on tea leaves in a mosaic style.

Sophisticated Coloring Pages

Try your hand the complex art of adult coloring pages that include intricate designs.

Time for a Spot of Art

Tea is known for its relaxing qualities and so are these cute coloring pages. Grab a real cup of tea to sip as you take time for yourself and create art.

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