Trippy Coloring Pages

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If you like optical illusions and groovy art activities, you'll love these printable trippy coloring pages. Simply download and print them to get started on your own far out designs and projects.

Trippy Circles

Black and white spiral patterns fill the page on this psychedelic coloring sheet. Fill in the white space with one color throughout the page for a calmer look or make each white circle a different neon color to stay with the trippy theme.


If you're feeling groovy, capture the spirit of your mood with this funky coloring sheet. It features a black and white diamond graphic pattern, and the word "Groovy" kind of looks like it's on the move.

Far Out Creations

If these far out coloring sheets aren't too much for your eyes to handle, spend more time turning them into cool projects.

  • Create trippy wrapping paper by printing out four to six copies of the Trippy Circles Coloring Page and taping them together in two equal rows.
  • Make a funky collage by gluing images of things you think are groovy over top of the diamond pattern on the Groovy Coloring Page.
  • Create a matching game using the Groovy Coloring Page. Use a craft knife to cut along three sides of an even number of selected diamonds around the sheet to make flaps. Keep these flaps open and glue the entire sheet onto a blank piece of paper. Cut two matching images of several items out of a magazine and glue them randomly under the flaps. Close the flaps and play your new matching game by taking turns opening only two flaps at a time until all matches are found.

An Optical Experience

Coloring pages that trick the eye are extra fun because they add the perceived element of movement to a static piece of art. If you're looking for a coloring challenge, these trippy pages are ideal.

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Trippy Coloring Pages