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Purchased games and puzzles can be expensive, but you don't really have to stick with store-bought options when you're looking for fun activities to enjoy or share. Why not check for no-cost versions you can print at home before visiting your local toy or department store? If you're looking for fun and, maybe even more importantly, free activities to enjoy, the Games & Puzzles category on LoveToKnow's Printables & Templates channel is filled with no-cost options you can save, print and use anytime you want.

Free Printable Activities for Every Occasion

There are choices for every age group and just about any interest. Whether you're a grown-up looking for a fun way to take a break from your busy schedule, a parent looking for activities to help keep kids entertained, or a hostess looking for activities to liven up your next party or family gathering, you're sure to find plenty of options that perfectly meet your needs. Examples include:

  • Puzzles: Sharpen your mind with logic puzzles and other fun, yet educational activities designed to develop your critical thinking and reasoning skills. You can enjoy hours of fun while also expanding your mind with the great puzzles.
  • Board games: Enjoy offline gaming on-the-cheap with free board game templates you can print at home. Options include printable versions of tried-and-true classic board games as well as creative new options that just might become new family favorites.
  • Party games: Get printable activities for every occasion, from original games for baby showers, birthday parties, graduation bashes, holiday celebrations and more. Your guests are sure to be thrilled, and your gathering is certain to be memorable when you include these creative activities.

One-Stop Resource

This category is expanding all the time! The expert writers who contribute to this category are always in the process of developing new printables to meet the needs of readers, so be sure to check back frequently for new games and puzzles. You'll be able to update your collection of printable games and puzzles on an ongoing basis, all without spending a dime. Of course, once you've started building your collection from the choices you find on the site, it's up to you to set aside time in your busy schedule to play.

Printable Games & Puzzles