Animal Logic Puzzle

Boy thinking about an animal logic puzzle

A logic puzzle requires the use of deductive reasoning skills and the ability to make inferences from limited information. Kids of all ages can solve logic puzzles with some simple direction and tips. Although the process can be challenging, that challenge makes the solution more satisfying.

How to Use the Logic Puzzle

The Animal Lovers' Logic puzzle has a simple, yet fun back-story to engage young minds. Four children have bought new, unusual pets. Use the clues to figure out who bought which one. This traditional logic puzzle uses a four-by-four grid solution, making it an easy-to-medium level puzzle appropriate for kids age seven and older. An answer key is included with the printable to ensure a satisfying end to a fun challenge.

Printable Animal Lover's Logic Puzzle
Animal logic puzzle

Once downloaded, the puzzle can be printed out and completed with a pencil. To use the puzzle, simply click on the image, then the printer icon, and print the puzzle. If you have trouble accessing the puzzle, check out the Guide to Adobe Printables for helpful tips and information.

Tips for Solving the Puzzle

The Animal Lovers Logic Puzzle is a traditional puzzle that uses linear thinking in the solutions. The only required materials to complete this type of puzzle are the puzzle and a pencil. Traditional puzzles usually include three kinds of clues:

  • Positive: States that two or more parts are directly associated.
  • Negative: Says that two or more parts are definitely not related.
  • Relative: Explains an ordered relationship.

There are four steps every kid should take when working on a logic puzzle:

  1. Use a pencil. This way mistakes can easily be fixed, and the correct solution can be found even if it takes a few tries.
  2. Read through all clues first, then choose the most obvious one to start with. This is usually a clue that gives a positive relationship.
  3. Cross off clues as they are completed to help keep things straight.
  4. Use the clues and logic to eliminate all but one answer in each row and column.
  5. Place an 'X' in any square that is not a possible answer and an 'O' in the square that holds the correct answer.

An Open Mind

Completing a logic puzzle can instill confidence and pride in anyone. Logic puzzles are a great tool for exercising the mind while having fun at the same time.

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Animal Logic Puzzle