Dance Logic Puzzle With Grid

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Are you looking for a fun activity that serves double-duty as a tool for teaching reasoning skills? This printable dance-themed logic puzzled does exactly that!

Download a Printable Logic Puzzle

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Big dance logic puzzle

To access the dance-themed logic puzzle, click the image. The puzzle will open in a separate tab or window as a printable PDF document. If you need assistance accessing the file, see this guide to printables.

Using the Game

Once the file is open, save it to your computer or other data storage device.

  • Print enough copies of the game sheet, which is the first page, for everyone who will participate in the activity.
  • The second sheet is the answer key, so you will only need one copy of it. Use it to score the puzzles or to walk the participants through the answers.

Thinking Through the Puzzle

When you give the puzzle to the participants, explain that the object is for them to use the grid to reason through the answers using the clues provided. For this particular puzzle, they are trying to find out who each person danced with during their outing.

Eliminate Options

To help them eliminate pairings that can't be correct, tell them to use the clues to put an 'X' (for 'no' or 'incorrect') in the intersecting grid boxes that cannot be the answer.

  • For example, the clues indicate that Paige did not do the Foxtrot with Frank, so an 'X' would go in the box that would indicate a Paige and Frank pairing since that did not happen.
  • Use the rest of the clues to think through which other boxes should get 'X' marks.

Find Positive Correlations

Tell them to place an 'O' mark in the grid boxes that correspond to the actual dance pairings that took place. They can figure this out via a combination of clue answers and the process of elimination.

  • For example, the clues indicate that Mary danced with someone who has the same first initial she does. The only male in the group whose first name starts with a 'M' is Mark, so an 'O' should be placed in the box where Mary and Mark intersect.
  • Continue using clues to determine the other pairings.

Have Fun While Learning to Reason

This game is a great activity for home or the classroom. The Huffington Post indicates logic puzzles help people work their brains in a "mathematical way." Logic puzzles such as this one are best suited for older kids and adults. If you find it works well for your purposes, consider using additional logic puzzles for further development.

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Dance Logic Puzzle With Grid