Free Printable Block Letter Templates

Alphabet on wood

If you need a template featuring block-style letters, you have definitely come to the right place. Download your choice of basic block letters or Scrabble-style letters to print, save, and use in any projects you may need them for.

Downloading Block Letter Templates

Click the image of the letter style you prefer to download a printable PDF template featuring the full alphabet. If you need help accessing the files, visit this guide to Adobe printables.

Working With the Printable Files

Once you have opened the template file of your choice, use the File menu or right click your mouse to save the file to your hard drive. When you are ready to print, you can also do that through the File menu, or by using the right mouse button.

Creative Ideas for Printable Block Letters

These templates can come in handy for a variety of craft projects based on an alphabet theme.

Basic Block Letters

Use these basic block letters as-is or cut them out to form stencils. Either way, your projects are sure to look picture perfect.

  • Bulletin board lettering: If you want to label a bulletin board with block-style letters, print this template on the colored paper of your choice, being sure to print enough sheets to allow for duplicate letters. Enlarge or shrink the letters to get the exact size you need. You can print on regular paper or cardstock, depending on how sturdy you need the letters to be. (Stencils will probably require cardstock.) Cut out the letters and affix to the bulletin board with push pins or glue.
  • Stencil craft projects - Use the basic block letters to add wording to your next stencil craft project. Cut out the letters you need on cardstock and put them together to spell out words or acronyms, enlarging as needed. Once the individual letters are the right size, cut out the area inside the lines and use as any other stencil.
  • Decorate a cake with stencil lettering - Hand writing on a cake is not the only way to apply a meaningful message. Instead, consider using stencil cutouts using the printable templates with the same method described above. Use the place the stencils on the cake one at a time, dusting with confectioner's sugar, until you've spelled out your message. Add other seasonal stencils for special occasion cakes.

Scrabble Tile Letters

Fun uses for scrabble tile letters include:

  • Refrigerator magnets - Purchase a pack of 8 1/2 X 11 printable magnet sheets and print the Scrabble tile template on it. Cut out the letters and you have an alphabet set of refrigerator magnets. They're perfect for a home kitchen, work refrigerator, or even a filing cabinet. You can use them to spell out inspirational messages or to create a checklist or to-do list (though you'll likely need several sheets to do that.
  • Word art wall hanging - Cut out letters to spell words that are meaningful to you. Enlarge them and either frame them, laminate them our decoupage them onto wood blocks to create a unique word art wall hanging that spells out a special message.
  • Replacement scrabble tiles - If your Scrabble game is missing several pieces, you can print out several sheets of these letters on heavy cardstock and make a replacement set. Be sure to check the official Scrabble website to find out how many of each letter you will need.

Great for Many Projects

These block letter templates are a great tool to use in a wide variety of projects. Even if you only need one of the templates now, you may want to save them both just in case you need the other one for another reason in the future.

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Free Printable Block Letter Templates