Baby Shower Game: How Well Do You Know the Mom?

Women at a Baby Shower

Playing a game at a baby shower is a great way to keep guests engaged and makes the baby shower more fun. This particular game challenges all guests, from close family members to co-workers, on how well they know the mom-to-be.

Do You Know the Mom-to-Be?

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How well do you know the mom-to-be?

How to Play

This game asks guests questions about the expectant mother and covers topics such as her childhood, her pregnancy, and her physical traits. It's a great way for guests who don't know the mom-to-be well to get to know her better. It's also a great test for those who claim to know her best. Here's how to play:

  • Print a copy of the game for each guest, including the mom-to-be; provide each guest with a pen or pencil. If you have a large group, you can make teams of two or three.
  • Instruct everyone to answer each question. You can have your guests respond to the questions by themselves, or have someone call out each question one at a time and have guests answer at the same time.
  • After all questions are answered, read each question out loud and ask the mom-to-be to give the correct answer that she's written down. If the group is small, you can have each guest share their answers one at a time.
  • The guest with the most correct answers wins the game.
  • Since there may be a tie, have a couple of prizes on hand.

To make the game more challenging, set a time limit for answering each question. Feel free to ask a couple of bonus questions about the mom-to-be such as what her nursery theme is or what her funniest food craving is. You can add these to the printable by hand before making copies or just ask them after the other questions have been asked.

Share Laughs and Make Memories

At your next baby shower, pamper the mom-to-be with gifts and sage words of advice. However, games will make the day more memorable. Not only will guests share laughs but they may also learn things about the mom-to-be they never knew.

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Baby Shower Game: How Well Do You Know the Mom?