Pie Logic Puzzle

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Are you looking for a fun activity to help teach teaching reasoning skills to elementary school kids in grades three through five? This printable logic puzzle uses something most kids love (pie!) to provide practice solving problems using deductive reasoning.

Printable Pie Logic Puzzle

Pie logic puzzle
Pie Logic Puzzle

Click the image to open the puzzle. It will launch as a printable PDF in a separate window or tab, depending on which browser you are using and how your browser is configured. If the document doesn't open right away, review the tips in this guide to printables.

Using the Puzzle

This puzzle is free for you to use and duplicate. The first page of the document is the game sheet. You will need to print a copy of this page for each participating child. The answer key is on the second page, so just print one copy of it. Don't give the answer key to the children.

Solving the Puzzle

You'll need to explain how the puzzle works when distributing it to the kids.

Thinking Process

Tell the children that their goal is to use the five sentences at the bottom of the page to think through all the possible choices and decide which kind of pie each person ate.

  • Point out that the various kinds of pie are listed along the top of the grid.
  • Emphasize that each of the five people, listed along the left side of the grid, ate a different kind of pie.
  • Clarify that each column and row can only have one correct answer in it.

Marking the Grid

Instruct the participants to use 'X' and 'O' marks to work through the grid.

  • Specify that they should write an 'X' in grid boxes that cannot be correct (due to the information given in the clues).
  • Tell them to write an 'O' in the grid boxes for the actual person/pie combinations they determine to be correct using the process of elimination (based on the clues and 'X' marks).

Fun With Reasoning

This puzzle is a good classroom or tutoring activity, as well as a fun educational game for parents and kids to do together. If the child (or children) with whom you are working enjoys this kind of puzzle, you may also want to utilize additional logic puzzle activities.

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Pie Logic Puzzle