Printable Baby Shower Gift Bingo Cards

baby shower bingo

Games are integral to the success of any baby shower. They make the special day fun and memorable. This bingo game is lively and helps keep guests engaged.

Printable Bingo Cards

Click the thumbnail to open the PDF. The printable will open in anther tab, and you can click on the print icon to print the bingo cards. If you need help, check out this guide for Adobe printables.

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Baby shower bingo cards

Cards should be printed on stiff paper such as card stock, and they will need to be cut apart before use.

Tips for Playing

Unlike many other shower games, guests play baby gift bingo while the expectant mom opens her gifts. Each guest gets a printable bingo card and set of bingo markers; stickers are a good choice. Each bingo square contains the name of a popular baby shower gift such as a rattle, sleeper, mobile, or stroller. As the mom-to-be opens a gift, guests look for the item on their bingo card. If they have the item, they mark it. The first guest to get five in a row, in any direction, wins.

The game is straightforward, but here are several tips to help make it go smoothly:

  • Since it's not unusual to have more than one winner, make sure you keep several small prizes on hand.
  • Make the game sweeter by handing out M&M's or chocolate kisses as markers instead of stickers.
  • Let guests play until the mom-to-be finishes opening her gifts.
  • Don't give multiple guests the same bingo card. If you do, you'll have multiple winners at once.
  • To make sure each guest knows what gifts were received, have someone call out each gift as it's opened or line the gifts up at the front of the room.

Create Bingo Cards

Creating bingo cards is easy. All you need is paper, a ruler, and a pen. To create your template:

  1. At the top of a piece of paper, write "Baby Shower Bingo."
  2. Using the ruler to help you draw straight lines, create 25 squares underneath the heading. There should be five rows with five squares per row.
  3. Make multiple copies of the template.
  4. For each copy, write a popular baby gift in each square. Do not repeat gifts on the same card. Some gift ideas are:
    • Diaper bag
    • Bottle
    • Onesie
    • Stuffed toy
    • Stroller
    • Book
    • Car seat
    • Bib
    • Nursing pillow
    • Hat
    • High chair

Another option is to leave the 25 squares blank. Give guests a bingo card as they arrive. Have them think of baby gifts, and write a gift in each square. You can make the bingo cards as simple or elaborate as you like. If you know the gender of the baby, consider copying the template onto pink or blue card stock. You can also embellish the template with stickers, clip art, or baby-themed artwork.

Keep the Momentum Going

Baby showers are a time-honored tradition for the mom-to-be to celebrate with her family and friends. However, it's not unusual for a shower to lose momentum while the expectant mom opens her gifts. Baby gift bingo keeps guests hooked and helps create happy memories for all.

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Printable Baby Shower Gift Bingo Cards