Printable Baby Shower Word Game

Women at a Baby Shower

If you're hosting a baby shower, you'll need to come up with some fun games to play. Each game should be baby-themed and provide a lighthearted way to engage the guests in conversation and friendly competition. The fun, free printable word game provided here is a perfect choice!

Free Word Game for a Baby Shower

Any time a new baby is on the way congratulations are in order, and that's the point of this printable baby shower word game! All you need to play are copies of the one-page printable game (enough for each guest or team to have one), some pens, and a bit of imagination. What could be easier?

Download the Game

To download the game, click the image below. The document will open as a PDF file you can download and print. If you need help working with the file, use the tips in this guide to printables.

Baby letter game

Once you have the file open, you can download it to save for future use or print it from your screen using the commands at the top of the page. Either print one sheet and have copies made or print as many you need for the expected guests. Each guest needs a copy of the game page.

Playing the Game

The point of the game is simple. You're at the shower to offer congratulations to the mom-to-be, and that's the theme of the game.

  1. Guests can work independently or in teams (the hostess can decide this ahead of time, based on the size of the group). If guests are working in teams, have them get into groups before you explain the rules.
  2. Explain the rules:
    • The objective of the game is for guests to come up with a baby-related word that begins with each letter in the word 'congratulations.'
    • Guests will have two minutes to come up with words.
    • At the end of two minutes, each guest (or team) will share their words. Guests/teams will receive one point for each word that is not repeated by anyone else.
    • The guest (or team) with the most points wins a prize.
  3. Pass out the game sheets and pens, instructing guests not to begin until you tell them to start.
  4. Set a timer for two minutes and tell guests when to begin.
  5. When the timer buzzes, instruct guests to put down their pens.
  6. Go around the room and have each guest/team share answers for each letter, keeping track of unique responses and points.
  7. Have the guests/teams tally up their points to determine the winner.
  8. Award prizes.

Baby Shower Fun

The conversation that ensues as the game is played is sure to trigger both laughter and shared stories about adventures in motherhood. This game will provide loads of fun for the shower guests and the mom-to-be. Paired with other fun baby shower games and activities, this game is a great way to help make sure your baby shower is an engaging event enjoyed by all!

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