Printable Game on Antonyms


Learning antonyms helps children broaden their vocabulary while strengthening critical thinking skills. Antonym Attack is a free, printable original game that challenges players to recognize antonyms faster than opponents.

Antonym Attack Game

Appropriate for players age six and up who can read all the words on the display board, Antonym Attack is made for small groups of two to four players. To print the game, click on the image and then on the printer icon. Antonym Attack includes Rule Sheet, Display Board, Individual Boards and Attack Cards.

You can print these game pieces on plain or color paper, but you might find it useful to print the attack cards and display and individual boards on different colors. For repeated use, consider printing the pieces on card stock and laminating them. If you have any problems, use this guide to troubleshoot.

Antonym Attack Printable Game
Antonym Attack game

Game Set Up

  1. After you have printed all game pieces, cut out the Attack Cards and Individual Game Boards.
  2. Deal each player four cards. Set the remaining pile of cards in the center and flip one card over to create 'the discard pile.'

Game Play

Antonym Attack uses standard card game rules and a bingo-inspired display board, so it should be easy for most kids to understand.

  1. Players are dealt four cards, each of which contains a single word. On a turn, each player will draw one card to add to their hand.
  2. If a player has a word in their hand that is an antonym for any word on the Display Board, she can play it during her turn under the appropriate letter on her Individual Game Board. For example, a card with the word 'small' on it would fit under the 'A' column because it is the opposite of big.
  3. Players then discard one card on every turn.
  4. The first player to find a matching antonym from their cards for each column (A, T, T, A, C, K) on the Display Board (or the first player to fill their Individual Game Board correctly) is the winner.

Fun With Opposites

Combining lessons with play helps increase interest and solidify concepts. Antonym Attack is a card game kids can play at home or in a group setting that will get kids thinking about opposites.

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Printable Game on Antonyms