Printable Princess Game

Little girl princesses with game

Every girl can become a princess with Princess in Training. This free, printable board game features various challenges that showcase the qualities and characteristics of a true princess. Players will have fun learning to think, look, sound and act like royalty.

Princess in Training

Children of any age can play and enjoy the Princess in Training board game, but those ages five and up will be more successful with some of the tasks. The game is for a small group of two to four players. Players will learn valuable social skills while having fun in a fantasy-like setting. The game can be played in social skills groups, classrooms, play groups, or combined with other princess party games at a themed party.

Game Set Up

The game requires an adult to download and print the nine pages of components. Click on the image below and select the download icon in the upper right-hand corner of the screen. Once downloaded, you can print the game by selecting the printer icon on the screen. For help with Adobe printables and troubleshooting, check out this guide.

Princess In Training Board Game
Princess in Training board game

Included in the board game are:

  • Rule Sheet
  • Princess in Training Game Board
  • Princess game pieces (4)
  • "Crown Room" boards (4)
  • Small color-coded crowns (20)
  • Category Cards (40)

To ensure the pieces are sturdy, be sure to print all components on thick paper (such as card stock). After you print all game sheets, you will need to cut the various pieces out before use. Laminating the pieces will help the board game last longer.

Additional supplies needed for the game are standard die, scrap paper, and crayons or markers.

How to Play

Each player will choose a different color princess game piece and place it on the coordinating castle space on the game board. Players should also receive a "Crown Room" board to keep in front of them. Category Cards will be separated into the four categories and placed where indicated on the game board.

The object of the game is to receive a crown in each of the five colors by completing princess-like tasks.

  1. Each player rolls the die and moves the number of spaces shown. Players can move around the board in any direction and take care to stay on any square or circular space.
  2. Players then choose a card from the category listed on the space they landed on.
  3. If a player completes the task on the card, they receive a crown in the same color as the space they are currently on.
  4. Players take turns, moving in a clockwise direction.
  5. The first player to fill their "Crown Room" with a crown of each color and return to their "Castle" is the winner.

Earn Your Crown

Becoming a princess requires hard work, determination and a good attitude. The Princess in Training board game will help players find all of these qualities within themselves. Help every girl find her inner princess with some fun game time.

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Printable Princess Game