Printable Housewarming Game

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Are you showing off your new house at a housewarming party? Test your guests' knowledge of you and your lifestyle with a fun housewarming game. Not only will it liven up the party; it's a great way to help your guests get to know each other.

Housewarming Game

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Printable housewarming game
Housewarming game

About the Game

The game has 30 questions. Each question has a point value. Topics include:

  • Your new home
  • Your new neighborhood
  • What you like to eat
  • Where you lounge
  • Your decorating style

To Play

  1. Print out a copy of the questions for each guest.
  2. Instruct the guests to wander around your home and property to answer the questions correctly.
  3. After all the guests have finished, give out the correct answers.
  4. Each correct answer earns one point.
  5. The guest with the most points wins.

You can provide a prize such as a gift card, a bottle of wine, or a candle to the winner. Since there may be a tie, consider having a couple of prizes on hand.

Other Housewarming Game Ideas

It's easy to create a housewarming game to give the party your unique flair. Any of these ideas make for a great option:

Scavenger Hunt

  1. Identify about a dozen common items in your home.
  2. Come up with clues for your guests to find said items.
  3. Type the clues and print a copy for each guest.
  4. Instruct your guests to solve the clues and write down the item.
  5. The person who correctly guesses the most items, wins.

Memory Game

  1. Come up with at least 10 questions about a specific room in your home such as the kitchen or family room.
  2. Provide each guest with a pen and paper.
  3. Have guests visit the room for 90 seconds; instruct them to observe as many details as they can.
  4. Tell guests to exit the room.
  5. Ask guests your prepared questions and have them write the answer.
  6. The guest who answered the most questions correctly, wins.

Make a Great Start

Playing a game or two at your party will keep the laughs coming and help your guests feel at ease. A great game will also make great first memories in your new place.

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Printable Housewarming Game