Free Printable Baseball Trivia Questions and Answers

Baseball Trivia Questions and Answers

Learn all about America's favorite pastime with free, printable baseball trivia. Check your own skills or challenge others to see who really knows the game of baseball inside and out.

Trivia Questions and Answers

Featuring ten multiple choice, ten true or false, and ten open-ended questions, this trivia set is for die-hard fans of the game. You'll need to know everything from famous players to other games that may have inspired modern baseball to come out victorious. Click on the image of the document, which includes the questions and answers, to download and print. If you need help with the printable, consult the Adobe Guide.

Baseball Trivia Questions and Answers
Baseball Trivia Questions and Answers

Fun Ways to Use Baseball Trivia

Get creative with your general knowledge questions at home with family, during rain delays at a live game, or at themed parties.

  • Include a trivia question on invitations to your baseball party and ask guests to dress in a costume that relates to their specific question and answer.
  • Kill time and help get everyone excited on the way to a game by offering up the first choice of a seat at the stadium to the person in the car who answers the most questions correctly.
  • Turn a rain delay into a scavenger hunt by tasking each member of your group with finding answers to the questions through conversations with other fans or stadium employees.

Play Ball

When you can't play or watch baseball, stay engaged with the game through fun and interesting trivia questions or fact searches on sites like Baseball Almanac. Everything from the origins of the game to MLB stats are fair game, so be ready for whatever comes your way.

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Free Printable Baseball Trivia Questions and Answers