Printable Grammar Test

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If you're looking for a quick way to test your grammar skills (or someone else's), this free grammar test will do the job. Just click the image below to download a brief, eight-item quiz that covers some common grammar scenarios.

Free Grammar Test

When you click the image, the test will open as a two-page, printable PDF document. The first page is the test and the second page is the answer key. If you experience any issues with the document, the advice in this guide to printables should be able to help you troubleshoot.

Grammar test
Grammar test

Reasons to Use a Grammar Quiz

There are many reasons you might want to utilize this quiz. For example, you might want to:

  • Do a quick check of your grammar skills
  • Review for a grammar or language skills test
  • Prepare for a standardized exam
  • Use as a skill check for someone you are tutoring
  • Check the skills of someone you are thinking about hiring to do writing, proofreading, or editing work

More Online Tests

If you like this grammar test, but would like more questions, there are other resources you may want to use. These free grammar worksheets may be helpful to you, as well as the following online options:

  • Daily Writing Tips: There is a 20-question grammar quiz on this site designed to be completed online. Enter your responses to all 20 questions directly on the site and then submit to get your score.
  • Exam English: This site has a 43-question online test. Questions are shown one at a time. Click to choose your answer and get immediate feedback on your response. If you get the answer wrong, you can try again until you get the right answer. Click 'next' to advance to the next question when you are finished with the current one.

DIY Grammar Test

You may also want to consider writing a grammar quiz. Review a list of fundamental rules of grammar, such as the list at and develop questions to test the rules with which you are most concerned. You may want to use the questions in the printable test and other online resources for inspiration. It can also be helpful to pull sentences from articles, books, and other resources to use for your test.

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Printable Grammar Test