Valentine's Day Printable Trivia Questions

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Valentine's Day is a popular holiday to celebrate love and relationships. Use these trivia questions to discover the history behind the holiday and how others celebrate. This free printable includes 30 questions with answers.

Free Printable: Valentine's Day Fun Trivia

Celebrate Valentine's Day with fun trivia questions you can download and print. This free printable sheet includes 10 multiple-choice questions, 10 true or false and 10 open-ended questions about the history and common practices for this February 14th holiday. Each question comes with a detailed, sourced answer. Click on the image below then save the document to your computer or print for immediate use. Helpful hints and tips to download printables are available in this guide.

Valentine's Trivia Questions and Answers
Click to print the questions and answers.

Ways to Use Valentine's Day Trivia for Kids

Fun facts about Valentine's Day work great for children at home, in classrooms, or at kids' Valentine's Day parties. Use the multiple choice and true or false sections to teach about Valentine's Day or just for fun. Print out the questions and have kids complete it like a quiz, or get creative and use it in a unique way.

  • Make an online scavenger hunt where kids can use the internet to find answers to the questions.
  • Set up candy stations around school where kids have to answer a specific number of questions to win the unique kind of candy at each table.
  • Write each trivia question on a slip of paper and put them all in a jar. At dinner have each family member take turns pulling out a question to use as a loving conversation starter.
  • Create a paper heart chain and add a trivia question to the front of each heart with the answer on the back. Kids can count down the days until Valentine's Day by taking down one heart each day to read the answer.

Ways to Use Valentine's Day Trivia for Adults

Valentine's trivia is fun for adults to use as couples, at work, or at adult holiday parties. Look for creative ways to incorporate trivia questions into your Valentine's Day decorations or your standard February 14th activities.

  • Raffle off love-themed prizes to couples in a competition to see who can answer the most questions together.
  • Create a treasure hunt for your partner where he must correctly answer one trivia question at a time until he reaches his gift.
  • Write daily love notes to your significant other and tie them into trivia questions like "I can't wait to cook you dinner tonight! Can you believe 35% of people spend their money dining out on Valentine's Day?"
  • In the days leading up to February 14, post one question per day on your business' social media platforms to get customers thinking about your company.
  • Post trivia question on the message board out in front of your business and offer a freebie to anyone who comes in and tells you the correct answer.

Learn About Love

From pets to spouses, Valentine's Day is the ultimate holiday to celebrate love for others. Fun facts about the holiday teach history and provide useful or interesting information. Share the love and knowledge with others using printable trivia questions to make your Valentine's Day successful.

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Valentine's Day Printable Trivia Questions