Farewell Speech Example

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Saying goodbye can be stressful, regardless of why you are leaving. Whether you are changing jobs, moving away or resigning from an organization, the occasion may call for you to make a brief farewell speech. Use the template here for a head start on drafting appropriate remarks.

Template for a Farewell Speech

Click the image below to access a printable example of a farewell speech that you can customize to fit a situation where you need to say a few parting words. See this guide if you need help working with the document. Click anywhere in the PDF file to edit the text, adding in details and making changes as needed. When you have finished, use the toolbar commands to save and print the speech you will deliver.

Farewell Speech Template
Sample farewell speech

Tips for Your Farewell Speech

Farewell speeches are generally given at going away parties, final team or committee meetings, or similar events. What you say, and how you say it, may have an impact on how people remember your level of professionalism. Make sure the impression you leave is a positive one.

  • Keep your remarks positive, respectful and upbeat, regardless of the circumstances of your departure. This is not an appropriate time to air grievances or vent frustrations. Instead, reflect on positive aspects of your time with the group and wish those who are not leaving well.
  • If you're not sure what to include, make a list of fond memories of your time spent with the group and key benefits you obtained from your association with the organization or individuals you're leaving. That kind of information is great to include in this type of speech.
  • It's also important to avoid speaking for too long. While there isn't a specific length requirement for this kind of speech, Reference.com recommends that goodbye speeches should be "short and concise." Going on for a long time could come across as being disrespectful of audience members' time.

Practice Makes Perfect

Be sure to practice your speech ahead of time, so you come across as sincere and comfortable with what you are saying. You should avoid reading every word of your speech. Also, it's not a good idea to sound as if you are reciting memorized words. Instead, work on developing a conversational tone.

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Farewell Speech Example