Occasion Speech Example for a Choir Day

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Choir days celebrate the hard work and dedication to the art of singing showcased by church choirs. An occasion speech provides a focused way to explain what the event is about and how to help celebrate it.

Sample Speech

If you want to present a heartfelt and appreciative speech to introduce your choir on a choir day, this speech may suit your needs. Using Psalm 98 from the New International Bible, the speech follows the theme, "Shout for Joy." Click on the image of the speech then download and print to use as is. If you have trouble with the printable, consult this helpful guide.

Choir Day Sample Speech
Choir Day speech

Customization Options

Every choir day speech should include thanks and praise for the choir, acknowledgment of the choir director and members, and Bible verses related to singing. These occasion speeches typically have a theme and may explain the importance and history of the occasion. Take this sample speech as a starting point and personalize it by:

  • Choosing different Bible verses about singing
  • Adding a section on the choir's history and/or future projects
  • Placing lines from related hymns into the speech and singing them during the speech
  • Reading the entire speech in a rhythmic tone that sounds more like music and less like talking
  • Including background music or choral interjections during the speech

Choir Day Occasions

Choir days are most often celebrations of a Choir's Anniversary, especially in African American churches where choir music is an integral part of worship. The congregation gathers to praise and thank the choir for all their work and accomplishments in a song-filled celebration.

Other choir day celebrations include World Choral Day on the second Sunday in December and One Day One Choir on September 21st, which is Peace Day. These events bring choir singers of all kinds together to showcase the power of song as it pertains to a variety of human interest subjects. Some schools also celebrate their exemplary choirs with showcases from local or regional choirs.

No matter which type of choir day you're planning, this speech can be customized to fit the occasion. For nonreligious groups, simply replace the Bible verses and religious references with famous quotes from musicians or happy song lyrics and the general benefits of coming together to express emotions.

Let Your Voice Be Heard

Celebrate the work and gifts of your choir with a meaningful speech like this. Show your appreciation by joining in the singing, swaying, or clapping along to the music. Your participation shows the profound effect music can have on the soul.

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Occasion Speech Example for a Choir Day